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# 15/10/2012 à 17:36 Blae
I have been married to a manipulator, narcissist for 26 years. I have come to understand this much better since the divorce procedure began, and the abuse became more violent. He accused me of incest, kidnapping and manipulation of my kids who are disgusted with him because of his abuse of me. We had to see a psychiatrist appointed by the court, Dr. Bensussan, expert in parental manipulation. Instead of understanding I was abused, he said I was perhaps an unconscious manipulator, and he ignored my claims of being abused. He said that my husband was a bit absent as a father, which is indeed a euphemism for someone who ruined parties, dinners, celebrations, holidays, and gave a pleasant face to the outside world while acting the fiend at home. He threatened to take away everything which he has done, most sadly perhaps, my journals of years of stories about my children growing up. Never would I have imagined such a mean act, something that is a treasure for me. He boasted of the harm he had done to me to acquaintances. The abuse has left me quite isolated. The judicial system does not seem conscious of this phenomenon.
# 15/10/2012 à 19:28 haltomanipervers
Hello Blae
I am exactly in the same situation as you. My "ex" must be listened by a psychiatrist, and i'm quite sure he will be able to make believe that I AM toxic.
They are so good actors! I am going to notarize all of his sms against me and against morality... We'll see!
Dont give up. You are the beautiful person, and he is from the kingdom of living deads. And breathe through your fairness...You can look at yourself into the mirror. Did you ever asked who they see into it? Just nobody.
thousands of kisses
# 15/10/2012 à 22:23 april
Hie Blae, dunno how the Society's so bloody blind with that type of personnalities, although many books have been written on the subject. And our imagination is always below the reality of their acts, what drives us crasy. But we try and get a hold of ourselves here. Altogether . Oh, Halto,didn't know u were gothic too... Kisses my Halto, and all of you strange friends in the night.
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